Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Stakes have it.

I love to grow whatever I can in the garden, but there are some things that grow really well regardless of gardening skill.
I am of course talking about tomatoes. Tomatoes are one of those plants that will grow almost anywhere. cracks in pavement, abandoned lots, etc. After the nuclear Apocalypse the world will we overrun with cockroaches and volunteer tomato plants.
This being said, I planted 12 plants and had 5 volunteers this year and decided to try a little of the scientific method on the best way to support the plants.

I had staked my plants last year and did pretty good, but i remember my parents using cages when I was a kid so i got some of those to. I also found a interesting way of hanging them from a trellis.

I would have liked to get a couple of the hanging tomato bags but wasn't able to get any in time.

anyone who had luck with them shoot me a line.

Well, Don Corleone had it figured out. The cages would work fine, if the plants only got 3 feet high, but mine grow to at least 5 or 6 feet. This and the weight of the plants have pulled to cages out of the ground and laid the plants over on their side.

The trellis looked like a great idea, but either the variety of plant I have was not conducive to trellising, or I didn't do something right but they grew to only about 3 feet high then started growing out.

My scientific curiosity satisfied, I spent the morning staking all of the plants in the cages and support the trellised plants as best I could.

Next year it will be all stakes for sure.

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