Sunday, January 10, 2010

Puff's timeout. Plus a shot of summer.

We have had a small problem with our banty hens going broody. Broody hens want to do nothing but sit on eggs to hatch them. This means they will stop laying their own eggs and sometimes not take the time to eat or drink. Since we are a rooster less flock, Puff could sit on those eggs for an eternity and they would never hatch.
Not only this but she is preventing the other chickens from using the nesting boxes.
Pidge had a small problem a month or so ago but we were able to break her of that pretty quickly by keeping the eggs collected so she had nothing to sit on.
Puff, not so much.
To break a hen of broodiness, the traditional wisdom is to make them uncomfortable. If the chickens have nothing to nest in they will eventually stop trying to hatch eggs. So I give you... THE TIMEOUT BOX. (cue dramatic music)Needless to say she was not happy to be somewhere where there is a constant draft up her tail feathers.

Hopefully after a couple of days in this Puff will get back in line.

And for all of you that are good and sick of the snow and cold weather.

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