Sunday, July 11, 2010

New Things

We got new baby chicks this week and a new clothesline was installed this weekend. Busy times here on the farm. For the chicks - we got the Brown Layer collection from Murray McMurray and then for fun - we ordered 1 Japanese Phoenix, 1 Egyptian Fayoumis, 1 Lakenvelders, 1 Buttercup, and 1 Salmon Faverolles. And let me  say again that we love Murray McMurray Hatchery.      Our order was big enough that they gave us a free rare exotic chick - which turned out to be a Turken.  And then we notice on our packing slip - they also gave us another Lakenvelder. Yay !! We love free things. So our new chicks number 32. All are doing fine. They are cute as can be.  Now the clothesline - I have been wanting one for months but things just were not working out in our favor to get one installed.... but today the planets aligned. Ben and his big helper got the foundations dug and poles are up. We'll string it later once the concrete has set/dried.

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