Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Farming Addiction ?? We got One, ok maybe Two.

Ok so about a month ago one of Ben's favorite blogs that he follows was talking about this show off of the BBC- about farming during the Victorian Age of Britain. Sounds interesting so he searches YouTube and finds it.
He watches all 10 full episodes of it in like 3 days and then watches it again. I'd say this is serious......
then he hears that there is a new show coming out of the same group of people doing the same type of show except now set in Edwardian times.  He gets all excited and then he can't find it. He searches for days trying to get access to the show..... BBC is kinda stingy that if you aren't in the UK you can't watch their programming online until someone pirates it onto YouTube ( which we are SO thankful for). I was not into the Victorian one... I tried to watch a few episodes with him and it was not catching my attention. However the Edwardian one DID. One simple 15 minute clip and I was HOOKED. I loved it. 
Now I'm going back and watching the Victorian age one. I wouldn't except that the things they talk about, techniques that are brand new to that time period are exactly what we are trying to do as Urban Farmers trying our hands as self sustainability. Growing food for us and for our animals, storing foods to last the winter for both man and beast. Home remedies so you wouldn't have a vet bill, tried and true methods that helped shape the farming community of Britain. Its amazing that information that was brand new 100 plus years ago is still very much what we need now.  If you have a few hours.... settle down in front of the computer and watch these shows. Who knows - you might learn something too.  I posted the first episodes to both shows. Enjoy.

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  1. Ben told Jeff about these shows and he had the same kind of reaction. Adrianne and even Callum love watching them too. They really are pretty interesting.