Sunday, March 27, 2011

Urbanite, and the Godess Refusa

One of the great things about living in America is the ability to buy new stuff whenever we desire it ( notice I didn't say need) One of the problems of living in America is that we often do. This means that the waste stream is MASSIVE. Most of it could easily find another use.
Things to do with waste.
Recycle, donate working things to charities, or re-purpose it.
That is where Refusa comes in.
Refusa is a relatively new deity. Gaea's third cousin, she is the Goddess of Trash.
Some would think this a lowly position.Not so, for she presents us with the most challenging of dilemmas.  What to do with the stuff we are done with without simply throwing it out.When she deems you worthy of dealing with your own trash she will often bless you with the most common element after carbon, and hydrogen. Urbanite.
Urbanite takes many forms. From wood, to metal , to glass, plastic, brick ,and rock.
notice the shape, like a bag of quickcrete
a sample of urbanite

our gifted clothesline
Just today after picking up yet another bag of trash out of the woods behind the house She blessed this house with a clothesline pole.
And you know what I am going to use for the new foundation for the post?
You guessed it.

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  1. Does this mean you are pooping in the woods? What would the bees think? Or smell? And will this affect the quality of the honey? Tell me now...