Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Crop Mob

So after a trip to the hardware store we now have the materials to make garden 2.0 a reality. 200 ft of 6' high fence to keep the critters out of the garden. 27 -8ft 2x8 to make 9 4x8 raised beds. 8 10ft 4x4 for the espalier fruit trees. We have the soil for the beds lined up and should be able to order it in a week or so. 13 cubic yards.
Now for those of you that need a visual, imagine a box made of yardsticks.... now imagine 13 of them..... in our front yard.
SO we are having a work day here at the farm. In exchange for help getting the soil from the front yard to the back, and in the raised beds, we will provide BBQ pulled pork, beer and good fellowship.
The self sufficientlymovment is kind of ironic in that to get anything large done you need the help of others. Whole town used to turn out to help raise a barn, haymaking used to take many people instead of the machinery we use today. Many hands make light work. So in that spirit come to the farm on march 20th.

Now it being march in Missouri we can expect either beautiful spring day, 6inches of snow ,or nasty rain. in the case of any precipitation forget the work and come over for BBQ anyway. rsvp so we know how many to expect and how much pig to make.

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  1. Remind me about it man...Adrianne's preschool is having a garage sale fundraiser that day, but I will try and get by.