Monday, March 8, 2010

Hose Repair

"Buy new, wear it out" "Do with, or do without"

In my impatience to work in the yard this weekend I tried to free a garden hose ( that I had forgotten to put away in the fall) from the layer of ice it was encased in. Little did I know that it was full of ice as well and about as flexible as well.....something not flexible...

This is what ensued.
Instead of throwing the whole hose away I bought a hose repair kit.

Step one. Cut hose flush.

Step two. Slide clamp over hose. Now this can be done once you have the repair piece in but it is a pain. Once the replacement piece is in it will NOT come out.

Step three. Insert replacement piece and tighten clamp.
Voila! The replacement parts are actually tougher then the original so this hose should be good to go for many more years.

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