Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ducks - post by Mrs Phantom Chicken

I grew up on a farm in SW MO. My family had cows, dogs and a herd of cats. We attempted a horse once and it didn't go so well. Needless to say, I love critters. Grew up always having something furry under foot, so when Mr Phantom wanted chickens - I said sure why not ? Eggs would be great. Then we started talking about dairy goats - so I said yes and I know exactly what kind I want us to get. ( by the way - goats arrive end of May) Conversation went on to ducks - and now there I was not too sure, till I discovered Indian Runner Ducks. Instantly fell in love and I received 2 of them for Easter.
This pic is of them the 1st night at the farm.

What a great gift - so I immediately start researching the best ways to care for them (since I now had some in my care.) What they need - what helps them to thrive and I have discovered that they are some of the most fascinating creatures { I think} God ever created. I have really enjoyed the website .
This is the site of the Indian Runner Ducks Association. Full of information and wonderful pictures.

I am anxiously watching my ducklings as they are losing their "fluff" and starting to get in their feathers. Hopefully when they are fully feathered and I can tell what colors they are - I can determine the sex of the birds. Because right now - we are clueless ! I only know we have super cute yellow things. In fact that's what I have been calling them - Thing 1 and Thing 2.
Loud little creatures..... very talkative, messy and love to play in the drinking water.

This pic is 2 weeks later, of them outside in their safe pen in the chicken yard.

So onward we go - learning about new critters and having adventures here on our little urban farm. Its wonderful.

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