Thursday, April 29, 2010

New Coop

Well this post has been sitting in the edit box for 3 weeks. Between vacation, planting and some technical issues( computer illiteracy) I am a little behind. We had planned on building a new coop but our time line was accelerated when on the 2 day of vacation I came downstairs to find one of the new chicks out of the brooder and strutting around the kitchen floor like she owned the place.. SO... we kicked it into high gear and got the coop done in 3 days.

I have mentioned before that we went through a rather lean time financially, and as a result had to make due with what we had to complete the projects we wanted to do. I recommend this approach to anyone. When you tell yourself that a trip to the hardware store in not an option then it is amazing what you can come up with. Necessity really is the mother of invention. In that spirit we decided to build the new coop with the most common of urban detritus, Pallets. A quick add on craigslist and we were in business.

The shingles were donated by Friends( thanks Brian and Mary) and the siding was saved from the scrap pile from a neighbor who made furniture out of old fencing. The total cost was around 75$. So without further ado.
We used the dimensions of the pallets to guide the construction, and even used 1/3 pallets upside down for the nesting boxes. It ended up being a really easy method of construction and we are planning on building the goat shed the same way. The chickens really seem to enjoy having a little more space, and we were able to move the baby chicks into the old coop and out of the kitchen.

In other news we are planning yet another garden expansion. Stay tuned.

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