Saturday, May 15, 2010

Farms not Lawns

While listening to the radio the other night I heard a story about a local urban farm. {Check out the link.} If you don't, the gist is that Bad Seed Farm has had trouble with the neighbors. Unfortunately the response seems to have been grossly out of proportion with the supposed crimes (having chickens and growing your own food).
There is now a committee of real estate agents, and other small minded people, lead by  Stacey Johnson-Cosby,  that wants to deal with the dangers that this kind of self reliance represents. Her (SJ-C) response  and concerns are nothing more than intolerance wrapped up in a thin layer of  possible, in my opinion, far fetched consequences to property values and neighborhood dynamics. ( God forbid people would use their homes and yards for useful purposes.)

 This Lady really got me worked up.  So I went out, planted some stuff in the back yard and made the decision that the most effective response to this would be.....  Plant veggies in the FRONT yard, too !!

We appropriately  made a trip to Bad Seed Market Friday night and picked up a bunch of tomato, pepper, squash and herb plants and spent a rather wet day today planting.
 The plan is to also plant some cucumbers and pole beans once we can get a trellis up. We will then add this surplus to the products Phantom Chicken Farm offers. So look for tomatoes, cucumbers ,beans, melons, basil, and squash later this summer.

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