Monday, May 31, 2010

They are here.

Well, after  9 month's of planning and waiting we finally have our goats. Mrs Phantom chicken farm and I drove to Rhinelander WI this weekend to pick them up. It was a beautiful trip and a nice mini vacation. Lynne at Grasse Acres has been a huge help getting us set up for our little ruminants. So without further ado. Our little does is named Persephone.( Her father was Zeus.) and our little wether (castrated male) is Simon. (we are big Simon&Simon fans.)
We had them sleep in the chicken coop last night due to the possibility of storms rolling thru ,and this morning I found them sleeping in the nesting boxes.The chickens were not impressed.
We have only had them one day and are already enjoying them. They are pretty stinking cute.

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