Thursday, June 17, 2010

Update on the Garden

Everything is growing, growing, growing. We have eaten lettuce from the garden several times now and I have been using herbs alot the last few weeks. Nothing like basil and chives to go along with some fresh asparagus (which we picked up at the local farmers market). We are trying a new kind of tomato this year , its a Roma  named Tasty Sauce. The plants are looking great with lots of blooms and even some baby 'maters. It gets us excited to see the plants doing so well. It helps that we've had a good mix of weather the last few weeks.
Over 7 inches of rain have been recorded here on the farm. Plus we are having nice sunshine as well. The front yard garden is also shaping up nicely. We have Blanco zucchini taking over. Can't wait to start seeing the fruits of our labors.

All the critters seem to be doing fine. Our egg production had slacked off and I was getting worried - but the hens have picked up and once again they are doing fine. The baby ornamental/exotics are 8 weeks old today and will be joining the general play yard I believe soon.
The goats have adjusted and settled in nicely.
Found a local connection for their hay needs. It always makes me feel good on the inside knowing that I am helping a local person make a go of their business. I wish everyone would try and do local shopping. 

Happy Fathers Day this weekend to all the dads. Spend some time with yours.... maybe working in the garden.

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