Monday, June 28, 2010

Not again...

After spending most of Sunday trying to coon proof the coop - and staying up way later than we usually do to make sure our remaining flock would be safe.... we got up this morning to discover the coon had dug a tunnel under the coop and killed more of our already small flock. We are now left with 4 chicks, and 2 barred rocks, 1 red, Orpie and our 2 Banty's. Lula our sexlink with an attitude was injured and we are hoping she makes a full recovery but we aren't counting her in the surviving #'s till we see how today goes.
We are crushed and angry. Our egg business is now gone. We're trying to determine the best way to deal with the coon- we do not have any serious weapons, and most animal removal services charge an arm and a leg. Not sure what our next move is going to be - other than installing a baby monitor system in the coop so we can hear whats going on. 

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  1. Independence Animal Shelter...big dog...sleeps in the run.